23 - 24 APRIL 2012 NH Laguna Palace Hotel, Mestre-Venice, Italy
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POST CONFERENCE REVIEW The Biopolymer World Congress 2012, in its inaugural year, established a platform for many successful conferences to come. The conference was a great success as it brought together a cross-section of 77 different organisations from across almost 20 countries represented to experience a wide-ranging programme, discuss the latest and future developments and challenges within the biopolymer industry. This conference was additionally designed to promote and communicate the use of bioplastics and biobased chemicals. The innovative programme and the conference structure, with the emphasis on delegate interaction and exchange of knowledge, were highly praised. It was apparent that the diverse group of speakers sent a message that there are many different voices in the industry and they all need to be heard. We are pleased to announce the partnerships we have made with the following bioplastics associations: Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) National Innovation Agency (NIA) Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) Join our LinkedIn Group: Biopolymer & Biobased Materials Want to know about the latest news and developments in the biopolymer industry? Interested in networking with the biopolymer trendsetters of today and the thought leaders of tomorrow? Join the LinkedIn group now.
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Next Biopolymer World Congress To Be Announced. Mission and Style of the Biopolymer World Congress The Biopolymer World Congress is designed to allow and encourage a high-level of interaction among presenters and participants. At the Biopolymer World Congress you will achieve pre-eminent education covering today's issues and tomorrow's challenges while learning from industry leaders, experts and business partners. The sessions at the Congress are about experience, practice, and ideas — not just products. All sessions are related to the value chain in order to enable in-depth exploration of each topic. Most of the presentations, KnowledgeExchangeTM Discussion Sessions and Interactive Poster Sessions are first-run content. We’ve assembled a cast of experts and thought-leaders with interesting stories and thought provoking ideas. At the Biopolymer World Congress, you will gain the tools and strategies while connecting with your friends, colleagues and business partners from around the globe. You will also get the chance to preview the latest products, services and technologies at the exposition. The Biopolymer World Congress will be your go to place to learn, network and collaborate with others in the biopolymer and biobased chemical industry. Here's Why You'll Want to Attend The Biopolymer World Congress: Recent developments and latest challenges. Get the information that is important to you. More than just sit and listen. We share, discuss, and question. We are truly interactive. Meet industry leaders.  Hear from experts from across the entire value chain. Network with your peers and potential business partners. Global Diversity. Meet people from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and beyond. Reasonably priced, high ROI. Get the most value out of your participation. Who should attend the Biopolymer World Congress? Academics Researchers   Producers Converters Compounders Be Inspired and Learn. Hear from visionary speakers on the latest technology, future directions, and emergent trends. Learn from expert practitioners across all areas of the value chain. Visit our programme highlights page for full session details now! Experience Interactivity Like No Other. The Biopolymer World Congress is an invaluable opportunity to directly interact with the biopolymer trendsetters of today and the thought leaders of tomorrow. Don’t just sit and listen. Get INVOLVED. Here you will experience our unique approach to getting you out of your chain and into the action. Collaborate in our: KnowledgeExchangeTM Discussion Session: This is a perfect opportunity to network with those facing similar challenges and changes in their professional work or to express your views on a hot button issue! Interactive Poster Session: Enjoy an unique and interactive way to get the information you need! This session is sure to get your mind flowing and your networking going with this interactive forum! Network. Network. Network! Expect unsurpassed networking opportunities designed to connect you with your peers. You won’t find these kinds of opportunities at any other conference! Visit our networking page for a complete list of superior events. 5-Minute Networking Mixer: Don’t know anyone at the conference? Looking to network? The 5- minute mixer is designed to give you the chance to meet other Congress delegates to make one- on-one connections. Networking Lunch & Round Table Topics: Sit at one of our Round Tables for a lunch discussion on the topic of your choice. Propose questions and give feedback to your fellow peers. Don’t feel like talking? Just sit back and enjoy the hot topical debate! Become Immersed in Global Diversity. We all appreciate meeting new friends, prospective clients and inspiring mentors. It’s also good to catch up with old acquaintances as well. Here you will have a chance to do both! Reinforce your current relationships and beginning building new ones! Meet people from across the globe or right next door. We have people supporting us from nearly 15 countries worldwide and we are growing strong!
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TESTIMONIALS It was good to see a new mix of audience which I found very interesting. Brilliant organisation and fantastic conference dinner.”   “For sure the networking opportunities. This aspect makes the difference with other simlar conferences in the field. Click here for more testimonials.