23 - 24 APRIL 2012 NH Laguna Palace Hotel, Mestre-Venice, Italy
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WHY ATTEND? The Biopolymer World Congress, the premier global educational event for biopolymer industry professionals, this 23-24 April. Join several hundred of your peers as they share ideas, discuss emergent trends, latest developments and recent challenges. Be a part our unique forum where all members of the value chain converge under one roof. 6 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Biopolymer World Congress: 1. Education.   Biopolymer World Congress focuses on the latest information. We strongly encourage speakers not to spend more than a few minutes on their introductions!
2. Peer Networking.  The vast majority of Biopolymer World Congress attendees are looking to meet new people and reinforce previous relationships. Structured peer networking events learning and the forging of new business contacts. These folks are your future employers, employees, partners and maybe even clients.  3. Interactive Sessions. In conjunction with our plenary sessions we specifically designed interactive sessions to keep you motivated and get your brain juices flowing. Share your ideas, thoughts or challenges. Learn what your peers are experiencing and hear their solutions!     4. Fresh Exhibits.  Discover emerging technologies that can give you a competitive advantage. Learn about what’s new, what’s available, and what works best for you.  5. Global Diversity.  We expand on the Eurocentric conference and bring the rest of the globe to you. Maintain customer loyalty with your current contacts and beginning establish new and fruitful partnerships! 6. Depth & Breadth. Biopolymer World Congress covers ALL aspects for ALL levels of the value chain including: Biomasses/Feedstock representatives Polymer producers Monomer producers Converters Compounders Tester/Certifier NGO End Users/OEMs Recyclers and Waste Management